Friday, July 17, 2009

Aint Nothing Like 'em Nowhere

For people living in Tuscaloosa Alabama, life as they knew it was about to change. The year was 1958 and the University had brought in a new coach. "Mama called" as he would say and when she did, Paul "Bear" Bryant just had to "Come runnin'."
It was also the year that a Mason named John “Big Daddy” Bishop opened his little Cafe in Jerusalem Heights. What would follow would be a legacy of great football and great ribs.

"Big Daddy" would sell Bar B Que of all sorts at first but since it was his ribs that made him a hit, the menu would eventually be pared down to ribs, rib sandwiches and white bread (and sauce of course). You can get banana pudding for desert as well. The Crimson Tide has gone on to win several more Championships and Dreamland now has grown to include 8 restaurants across Georgia and Alabama.

The menu varies slightly from restaurant to restaurant but one thing is for sure, when it comes to the ribs, "Ain't nothing like 'em .. nowhere." Not in my mind anyway.

The Huntsville, Alabama location is the restaurant we visit every chance we get. A nice rustic place with a large bar and license plates (even one of mine) adorning the walls. An open BBQ pit right in dining room is the centerpiece though. The smell of hardwood smoke and pork fat fills the place. Nirvana. The rolls of paper towels right on your table are always a good sign.

The only thing I've ever ordered is the ribs. They get cooked on a grill that is about 2 feet above a hickory wood fire. Simply seasoned at first, slow cooked, then basted with their signature Alabama style BBQ sauce the ribs are tender, juicy, lightly smokey, tangy and salty all at once. They come sliced individually and served with sauce ladled on them. I always ask for more sauce while Mrs. Sippi orders hers sauce on he side. I have been able to sample all of the other menu options and they're first rate as well. My sister in law always goes for the BBQ chicken salad with their house BBQ ranch dressing. Wash it all down with some great sweet tea and save room for banana pudding.

White bread and sauce for dipping are also served. The bread is Sunbeam and it's so soft, it makes Wonder bread seem like croutons. It's not all that special from a taste profile but it's only function is to get the sauce from the cup to your mouth. Said sauce is a tangy vinegary concoction that always reminds me a of French dressing.

You can visit Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Northport, Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery and Metro Atlanta as well as online.
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'til we meet again.


**Please note that the picture of the sign is from 2005 and may not reflect current prices.

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