Monday, July 12, 2010

28 Burgers for a Buck

Obviously you can't get that deal anymore but back in the 20's, the Spot in Sidney, Ohio was your place for you burger fix.

In 1907, Ed "Spot" Miller rolled into town in his Chuckwagon and set up shop at the corner of Ohio Avenue and Court Street. Foiled in this attempt by city officials Spot removed the wheels and put up some awnings. This quasi permanent structure was used until a new and more permanent structure was erected in the 30's. The current Art Moderne structure came along in the 40's when the previous was destroyed by fire.

Spot only owned the restaurant for a half dozen years. Over then next century The Spot would change hands several times and be remodeled a staggering 25 times.
The current configuration with it's narrow ordering corridor has been in place since 1976. The trademark sign over the front door dates back to the 50's.

So iconic in Sidney is The Spot that in 2004 while campaigning in the battle grounds of Ohio, President George W. Bush paid a visit.

It's the pies though that have Sidney's attention. They have an order form on their website and do a booming business at Thanksgiving.

So on to the food.

Mrs. Sippi had a grilled tenderloin sandwich on rye with pickle, onion and mustard. Suggested to her by one of the friendly kitchen staff. I had a Super Big Buy and we split an order of rings. We each had a malted and a piece of pie.

The tenderloin sandwich was very good. I loved the caraway seed rye which was lightly toasted. I thought it had a little too much pickle but Mrs. Sippi disagreed. She wanted more mustard though. I thought it was fine.

The Super Big Buy is their version of the Big Mac. Two all beef patties, tarter sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickle on a sesame seed bun. The beef is ground fresh daily and the burger it's self is very tasty.

I did not like the onion rings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna say they were bad. From a technical standpoint they were well executed. Nicely breaded, crunchy, the breading held on and the onion tore rather than slid out of the shell. My problem was they were just too sweet.

Sweet started to become a problem. The malteds (one chocolate, one vanilla) were also sweet. They were tasty but got to be too much. I liked the taste it's just that I was starting to get sugar overload. They were also thick to a fault. There was no way you could use a straw.

By the time I got to the pie I was just about in sugar shock. I really liked the old fashioned cream pie but it was a struggle to finish it. Were it the only thing I had it would've been fantastic.

Mrs. Sippi's strawberry pie was pretty tasty too. I could only manage a bit or two.

So all in all, I liked The Spot but found it just too sugary. Each item as it's own thing was good. The cumulative affect of the sugar was very off putting though.
If I lived in the area I'd certainly patronize and would know to watch what I ordered.

You can find The Spot at 201 South Ohio Street, Sidney, Ohio.

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You can also find them on the web or on Facebook.
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