Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pizza so Thin it Only has One Side

“It’s time to build our own brand” said Gerard Williamson as the Piqua, Ohio pizza restaurant he and his family built changed names.
Formerly part of the Cassano’s chain in the Greater Dayton Area the Williamson family has spent 43 years in the pizza business. Taking over the struggling  Cassano’s franchise in Piqua, Joseph and Frances Williamson turned the business around and never looked back. Running the Water Street restaurant for over 30 years until passing it onto their kids. Frances can still be found working the restaurant and a third generation is poised to take over some day.
The new name, Beppo Uno Pizzeria and Trattoria pays homage to Joseph. Beppo is a nickname for Joseph and Uno means one. 
A smallish pasta menu accompanies the Roman style pizza. Characterized by an edgeless dough, Roman style pizza is cooked on stone to produce a crispy on the bottom but with a slight bread texture above crust. It's thin but not quite like a cracker and if made right, it should almost melt in your mouth.
The restaurant is very nice inside. A beautiful stone fireplace sets off the dining room and makes for a nice warm feel. Especially on a cold winter night.

We aren't here for the interior though, we're here to eat. So, without further adieu.

We started with an order of bread sticks. A half dozen, made to order, garlic and herb sticks of pizza dough. The were a nice start and come with either cheese or marinara sauce. We asked for and received both. The cheese sauce was pretty good and the marinara was much better. I switched back and forth as well as ate them plain. Good anyway I had them.
As was stated, the crust is very thin and quite crisp. The toppings were very plentiful and to be honest, probably too much. The over all taste was very good but I think it was a bit out of balance. The crust, sauce and cheese were certainly overwhelmed by the amount of toppings. As such, I much preferred the outer pieces since they weren’t as topping dense. Next time I’ll stick with just pepperoni or maybe add one other topping.
The couple next to us was talking about enjoying the endless pasta special they have on Tuesdays. They declined because it meant they wouldn’t be eating pizza.

You can find Beppo Uno at 414 W. Water Street in Piqua, Ohio.

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Well that’s all for now. Hope to see ya soon.


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  1. Looks just like Cassano's.

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